If You Have Two Holes On Your Back, We Have A Great News For Your Intimate LifeHey, girls – have you ever faked an orgasm before? Uh huh, sure, of course, you haven’t. Well, in case you know someone who has, here’s a piece of advice. Don’t do it ever again.

Don’t take it from us! There’s scientific research out there making the case you should probably be keeping it “100” in bed with your partner.

10. The Ghastly Fake Orgasm

Sorry guys, but faking orgasms is more common than you think. Nothing hurts more than your girl leading you to believe that you are a natural-born Casanova only to realize she has been putting on an act this entire time. Feel your way over to #9 to discover why she would do such a thing.

9. The Unselfish Reason For Faking

It’s incredible that women have worked so hard to establish their rightful place amongst men in the world. But why fake it in bed? A relationship psychotherapist in Beverly Hills named Dr. Fran Walfish believes she has the answer. She says women do it to satisfy the sexual and mental needs of their male counterparts.

8. The Need To Feed The Ego

“Many women fake orgasms to feed men’s egos in order to make them believe they’re potent and powerful enough to bring them pleasure,” Dr. Walfish writes. Imagine having a girl that is completely honest every single time she isn’t satisfied. Dr. Walfish goes a little deeper in #7.

7. Fear Of Rejection

“Many women also have a hard time asking for their needs to be met for fear a man will disapprove and reject them.” Not very likely, ladies. A study was conducted at Columbia University to research the motives of 450 women and made an astonishing discovery. Women have evolved alongside men and could pretend to orgasm in order to manipulate their partner’s commitment.

6. Is It Just A Test?

It’s true. In a paper that was published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, researchers mention what is referred to as the mate-choice hypothesis. The paper says “It is possible that investing males are more likely to induce orgasm and orgasm bonds women to these men.” The effect this has on women in #5 is from a lasting relationship standpoint.

5. True Romance Means Truer Orgasms

Researchers say the female orgasm is more frequent when women are with a man who satisfies her in bed and is an intimate, passionate and caring lover. A woman has to be totally comfortable with a partner to let go and have an orgasm,” Dr. Walfish explained. There needs to be a certain level of comfort.

4. Real Orgasms Bring Life

A female’s orgasm also increases the chances of pregnancy, which takes this theory to a more physical meaning than we thought. The orgasm releases the necessary hormones that not only create a bond between the two, but also encourage sperm and egg activity. The more real you are with someone, the more chances of starting a family. Mosey over to #3 to learn an unintended consequence of faking it.

3. The Psychological Damage

Honestly, we don’t know everything about faking an orgasm, but we do know faking one won’t increase the chances of having a real one. Since women take longer to reach climax, faking an orgasm can cheat a woman out of the real pleasure. Not only that, but it also presents a “false self to her partner,” as Dr. Walfish continues.

2. Missing Out On True Intimacy

Dr. Walfish also cautions against this kind of behavior. “When you’re honest, you can become most vulnerable and experience, not only the pleasure of orgasm but also the warmth and openness of true intimacy. Being authentic and genuine is critical to healthy relationships.” And this can have a huge impact on your orgasm as we’ll conclude in #1.

1. Different Strokes For Different Folks

The honesty employed during sex can affect the way you really reach your climax. You can learn a whole lot about what pleases your partner. “Most women achieve orgasm by clitoral stimulation versus direct contact through vaginal intercourse with the G-spot,” she says. “But everyone is different and it’s important to know exactly where it feels good.”

Did you learn something, ladies? Faking an orgasm lead your lover to an almost false sense of commitment that will almost certainly end up in heartbreak when your lover realizes you aren’t sincere in the sack. It will also deprive your body of the real intense pleasure felt when your body works its way up to a beautiful climax.

If you really want to find Mr. Right, don’t worry about Mr. Right Now. Remain honest and sincere and you will most certainly find the man you don’t have to fake it in front of. He’ll do all the work for you.